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What’s Blocking the Blogging

Nearly two months have passed since my last post here. Plenty has happened and no doubt, I have lots to say. I had an incredibly full, celebratory birthday month in March, and yes, I’ve been spending more and more time in the saddle – nearly 600 miles since my Leap Day post. The last three months at work brought a colleague’s retirement, new job responsibilities and a new colleague to train, all during the busiest time of the year in our unit. Indeed, life is good and full, but even with the busy and blessed life that I am living, time isn’t the issue when it comes to blogging.

The problem isn’t time or inspiration. The problem is working on the computer, the actual act of the typing. I have work-induced repetitive strain injury in the form of chronic elbow tendonitis. In 2005, I was out of work for a year with this and other computer-related injuries. It is also what kept me off my bike for several years. I won’t go into the depressing details of being in the worker’s comp system. Suffice to say after spending thousands of dollars out of my own pocket to get the treatment I needed, I returned to work, changed the nature of my job and s-l-o-w-l-y regained my health. I hadn’t had more than occasional soreness until the change in jobs shifted my work from meeting with students in person to interacting more through email. Sadly, my pain has returned and I find I have to be very judicious in how I use the computer.

So for now, my typing is reserved for work and my posts are limited to the short stories and comments I share on facebook. I’m working to dial in my voice recognition software at work and rethinking how I have posted to my blog in the past. Fortunately, the tendonitis isn’t having an impact on my cycling, and in fact, any activity other than typing is good for using the muscles in a different way. There really is so much to share about time on the road, watching new riders come into their own as cyclists, the successes of friends and the richness of human stories. Stay tuned. I’ve dealt with this and other injuries before. I’m determined to not let this injury keep me from sharing the ordinary happenings of each day that make this life extraordinary.


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