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In the Absence of a Cure, Education and Prevention are Keys to Ending AIDS

I am sometimes asked why I am not raising funds for HIV and AIDS here in my own community in San Diego. The truth is Carol and I volunteer for AIDS Walk San Diego every year and support our friends who do the event through donations. We also participate in other local HIV/AIDS fundraisers like Dining Out for Life and support friends raising funds for HIV and AIDS services in other communities. To us, the fight to end this disease is bigger than our “local” community. It is a global fight, and whenever and wherever work is being done to end this pandemic, it benefits us all – it is a battle we should all be waging, locally and globally. Beneficiaries of AIDS/LifeCycle, the LA Gay and Lesbian Center and SF AIDS Foundation, have been at the forefront in battling AIDS and caring for those who are HIV-infected since the earliest days of the pandemic. These organizations have developed programs, funded research, lobbied on the state and national level and served thousands in need. Every dollar they raise ultimately serves the bigger community that is the world. They save lives and give hope to an end to AIDS. I don’t see the HIV-infected mother in Africa or the man fighting AIDS in San Francisco any differently than I see my neighbor. I see them as my fellow human citizens – they ARE my community.


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